Re: Chicago Church, Father Paul and Jersey City

Posted by edgewordwise on 2018/10/30 18:11:54
I am male and could have sworn you were a guy. Glad to have cleared that up. You might be old enough to be my mother, so thank you for reminding me to know my place. Of course my parents were overly trusting. It’s precisely this environment that was a recipe for the sexual abuse Cardinal McCarrick committed. Befriend a family, have his way with their kids. He wasn’t even acting in an official church capacity and used his air of authority to let him molest them.

I guess my byzantine scriptural allusions make you roll your eyes, huh? OK, I will spare you from any more. I don’t ascribe to those birther etc. conspiracies myself, but I find your shaming and insults to be putting gas on a fire. My point was simply that if you knew someone personally and just argued civilly based on well grounded arguments, then you make some progress. Instead we get these tiresome heated exchanges and get off topic.

I think i am done with this forum for now. I’ll just go back to lurking on JCList to find new restaurants to try.

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