Re: Chicago Church, Father Paul and Jersey City

Posted by esp123 on 2018/10/30 17:22:07
Edgewordwise - wth are you talking about?

Your story is just so random and self-referential. And honestly, your retelling of it IS strange. You stated nothing happened. You stated the priest was in a separate room. You also stated, quote, you “COULD have been a victim,” the implication being you weren’t. Yet you then pat yourself on the back for not abandoning your faith and leaving the church?

What were you a victim of? A priest’s fear of the dark? Of parents who insisted you be there to “protect” a priest who was scared of the dark? If you felt uncomfortable, I'd understand, but you didn't relay that in your original retelling. (What jumped out at me was that your parents would actually have their daughter babysit an adult man – but that’s sorta more on your parents, not the church). And to equate your episode with victims who are alleging actual molestations, rapes, or sexual harassment by those in power, whether it be priests, Hollywood producers, TV network heads, future supreme court justices, makes you bringing up the story sorta random, yes.

You’re now prattling on, jumping from here to there, lecturing us about kindness to others, when the conversation had been about posters taking to task Mao or Yvonne using sketchy sources in trying to further fake news, be it trutherism, birthism, slander towards others in order to further an exclusionary, bigoted, UN-Christlike agenda…I would argue your defense of Mao and Yvonne’s actions says a lot about you. And for someone seemingly so educated (given your inclination to show off your byzantine knowledge of orthodox church allusions), your lack of critical thinking skills is somewhat surprising.

And no, I’m not in the ministry. I’m a proud mom, wife, service worker, and spiritual-humanist who is worried about our country’s future, and had decided to exercise what I see as almost a duty to call out b.s., particularly hypocrisy from those using untruths to support a bigoted agenda.

On the other hand, as I said initially, it's also pouring flames on this dumpster fire of a discussion, so you have that...

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