Re: Chicago Church, Father Paul and Jersey City

Posted by Sutherland on 2018/10/30 12:23:06
I don't know who you are or what you do for a living, but I'm ready to conclude that you're a strange human being with a modicum of intelligence but are off either emotionally or socially.

I am not sure of why you would randomly and gratuitously share your experience of sleeping in a rectory. No one cares, but . . . well . . . like i said it was gratuitous.

Nothing in ESP's comment suggested he was bitter about the Latin mass. However, your assertion that somehow a Latin Mass elevates your spirituality is inexplicable. While I was in the seminary, because of my academic performance I was invited to study New Testament Greek. Still, I don't waive that around to suggest I have a better command of the Gospels than other people.

It seems you're just posting for the sake of showing off your spirituality. That's neither charitable, Christian nor sincere.


edgewordwise wrote:
Hmm why so bitter about the Latin Mass, esp? Between this and “woe to clergy” you somehow took offense to, it would seem to me you work in parish ministry. Most quiet Catholics are rather ambivalent about liturgy. FYI I attend vernacular Masses and still find inspiration, but the Latin Mass is like a magnet school for more studious Catholics, so makes for more stimulating churchy conversation if that is one’s preference. So what high horse are you talking about? I still believe what I was taught in CCD and only came to the Latin Mass later in life. I don’t think I am better than anyone else, but I like any Catholic confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and founded the Catholic Church upon St. Peter. That’s all in Vatican II documents.

I am curious what your vision of what the future of the Church should be. If it’s just going to be one with vague platitudes and attempting to forgive something that isn’t considered wrong to begin with, then it will lose its purpose and eventually become irrelevant, just another NGO as Pope Francis said.

Before I completely digress from the topic of this thread, I would admit that I slept overnight in a rectory living room when I was 12 because the priest friend of my family was scared to be alone that night. There was no contact as he was in his own room but I did get concerned looks from the church staff who saw me the next morning. Was driven nack home and it never happened again. So in retrospect I could have been a victim and could have had every reason to abandon my faith but choose to remain.

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