Re: Chicago Church, Father Paul and Jersey City

Posted by esp123 on 2018/10/29 17:12:59
You’re amazed we’re picking on semantics and missing the gist? To the contrary, your gist is quite apparent.

The arrogance is evident in your presumption and certitude that the traditionalist Catholic practice is if not the best, indeed the one and only, path towards heaven; evident in your scolding (“Woe” to them, lol?) of more liberal bishops and brethren who don’t believe as you do; evident in your admonishments that their flock is headed to hell.

True to form, your latest post setting yourself apart because you apparently “know better”, reveals your presumption that you and your Traditional Latin Mass sect are somehow privy to the one and only path to salvation. To the rest of us, "Woe!"

Given your inclination for phrases, here’s another one: “Get off your high horse.” That phrase is figurative too.

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