Re: Chicago Church, Father Paul and Jersey City

Posted by Sutherland on 2018/10/28 16:56:40
Being interested in the Church is hardly an obsession. I was an alter boy, went to an all boys Catholic HS, a Catholic College (where i spent three years in the seminary) and then ultimately a Catholic Law School. My interests in the Church are based upon both the history of my relationship with the Church and my curiosity as an attorney. Reading Yvonne and Mao's blatant comments about hate some how triggers in me a sense of defensiveness of the Church and myself.

Your suggestion that my attendance at service, specifically at my home parish would some how cast a darkness on the church is offensive. Still it's typical of the small minded who think their relationship with Christ and the Church is unique and should be protected for only people similarly positioned. Today's Gospel reading talked about how people, very much like you, Mao and Yvonne tried to keep Jesus away from Bartimaeus. But Jesus had no tolerance for these naysayers, and went direct to Bartimaeus.


edgewordwise wrote:
Wow, again with assuming the worst of someone’s intentions. Sutherland, for someone who admits not having been to Mass regularly in years, you are still obsessed with this institution enough to remain a spectator. Perhaps that is a good thing and one day you will come around and darken the doors of your parish church once more (if it hasn’t been closed already) and cast your cares upon the Lord.

There was a time when straight people were regularly refused sacraments for canonical reasons and people humbly accepted it. Then the Church seemed to relax its precepts except for gay people, so understandably everyone finds this unjust. But the injustice really is to the straight people who have been given a free pass for offenses they’ve committed. They’ve been denied Catholicism in all its guilty glory. Your average clergyman may be overly lenient, but God is not mocked. Everyone deserves the truth.

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