Re: Chicago Church, Father Paul and Jersey City

Posted by esp123 on 2018/10/28 15:24:30
Edgewordwise - You’re right, I don’t know you. But before your backtracking, and you now suggesting that by golly gee, calm down, because aren't we’re all just crazy different people living here in this city?…well, let’s just say that’s a different tone than your initial posts.

Posts in which you threw shade at Sutherland that perhaps he will one day “darken” the steps of a church; accuse me of “demonizing” others, when my primary objective was to call out what I see as the intellectual dishonesty of posters on here continually trying to offer up “fake news” as “reliable” sources. So no, don’t think I, or anyone who is alarmed at where this country is heading, should calm down.

And you just need to look at the news this weekend, the bombings carried out by people falling for the “fake news” conveyors. Posters who perpetrate birtherism, trutherism, conspiracy theories promoting an exclusionary, bigoted agenda, and attempting to do so by disingenuously offering up questionable sources to back up their agenda, imo need to be called out. Ironically, your knee-jerk reaction is to view those of us who may try to do that (and not the ones, like Yvonne & Mao, who offer up questionable sources to back up the questionable conspiracy theories) as the ones being uncharitable and un-Christian?

Moreover, your claim that modern priests who don’t hold everyone to pre-Vatican 2 standards are damning souls to hell; your self-serving suggestion that only “true Christians” (like yourself?) who are traditionalists, wallowing in what you call the “glory” of Catholic guilt, have the best chance of being let into heaven at the hour of reckoning…Imho your attitude reeks of hubris. Instead of attempting to chide Sutherland and the rest of us on how we’re falling short and therefore in grave danger on Judgment Day, suggest you take a good look in the mirror…If I recall, the sin of Pride transcends all others as the most onerous.

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