Re: Chicago Church, Father Paul and Jersey City

Posted by Yvonne on 2018/10/27 14:32:33
LGBT is not part of the Synod. Here is the problem, people here live in denial. Of course, let's pretend the minors and young men in the seminary were not raped by gay men. Let's blame Yvonne, for bring up what is true. There are dozens of priests now speaking up on youtube on the abuse in the Church and those men are saying the same thing I have said here, it is homosexual men entering the seminary. As one priest said he could not share a shower with women so why are gay men allowed in when there is a dormitory type living? I am tired of my money going to pay off victims because there is a gay network and personally I am thrilled the feds are considering RICO to investigate the Catholic Church. I want the names of each predatory priest listed and I want to know (not the names) but what gender was violated. By the way, the 11 year old boy that McCarrick raped will be speaking in Baltimore in a rally outside the Bishop's conference. There will be thousands of Catholics there protesting. When the child protection program was instituted, they included priests and others who work for the church but excluded themselves. The idea that the bishops want to investigate themselves in totally a joke. There will be thousands of Catholics who want gay men out of the priesthood because it leads to rape, pay offs of church funds, and a loss of faith.

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