Re: Chicago Church, Father Paul and Jersey City

Posted by esp123 on 2018/10/27 13:25:21
Think Edgewordwise is projecting, not too mention protesting, too much. It’s nice you want to fight Maos battles, but chill out.

You yourself are being prone to assume the worst of others, accusing them of ad hominem attacks, when what the person (me) is protesting is Mao’s attempt to promote what amounts to the equivalent of “birtherism” and disingenuously trying to portray it as somehow on his part just offering “objective” news. Like claims of Obama not being born in the US, the Shepard story is also often promoted by those with an agenda that is far from kind.This promotion of “fake news” seems a constant pattern with Mao and Yvonne, and needs to be called out for what it is.

media had this to say of the author and the book that Mao tries to validate and offer as credence for Maos claims of Shepard’s ‘hagiography’ : ... rn-of-matthew-shep/195894

As for my posting at 2am, some weekends I work the night shift, there a problem with that? or you just assuming the worst?

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