Re: Chicago Church, Father Paul and Jersey City

Posted by Sutherland on 2018/10/27 10:06:27
Mao's intentional misuse of hagiography was intended to thwart any observation that gays and lesbians are no less welcome and loved by Christ than straights and no less deserving of Christian rites, and intended to further his campaign to further alienate gays and lesbians from the Church. All to further his campaign to keep his world as comfortably homogenous as possible. The reality is that Mao is struggling with the reality that the Church and the world are changing in ways that he can't tolerate because it's only illuminating his discriminatory leanings and isolating him and Yvonne from what is quickly becoming the new main stream, while people like them are growing quickly irrelevant and extinct.


esp123 wrote:
Don’t want to give this dumpster fire more oxygen, but what is wrong with both Yvonne and Mao?

Yvonne posts about some harebrained homophobic theories related to the Catholic church crisis, but then Mao posts an article arguing Matt Shepard’s death wasn’t a hate crime, that he was killed because both Shepard and his killers were meth addicts? (BTW, according to the article police say toxicology reports do not back that up)

Yvonne seems addlebrained, but Mao’s post seems gratuitous, almost mean-spirited, under the guise of ignorance. What was the point, but to bring down the memory of Shepard, an attempt to undervalue Shepard’s life, what Mao calls a “hagiography.” I would note that most people, even Jesus of Nazereth, were/are hagiographed after death, particularly violent deaths.

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