Chicago Church, Father Paul and Jersey City

Posted by Yvonne on 2018/10/10 11:19:58
Father Paul Kalchik of Resurrection Church in Chicago, went into hiding from his bishop Cardinal Cupich. Cupich got his red hat as cardinal from the suggestion to the pope from disgraced Cardinal McCarrick who had a career of sexually abusing minors as well as adult seminarians.
Father Paul found the gay flag with the cross imposed on it and decided to burn this flag. It hung over the cross in Resurrection Church when the previous pastor was there. The late Fr. Daniel Montalbano — an active homosexual — was pastor. Montalbano held gay sex parties in the rectory basement, and died suddenly in 1997 at the age of 50, his corpse found in his bedroom attached to a sexual contraption. The archdiocese cleared out two closets full of gay porn, sex toys and other paraphernalia in the wake of his death.
Recently, the gay flag with the cross was found and Father Paul Kalchik decided to burn the flag in a ceremony. A little background on Father Paul, when he was eleven, he as raped by a neighbor and later at seminary, he was raped by a priest twice his size. It is amazing he still has his faith, but he does.
Father Paul was told by Cardinal Cupich he could not burn the flag, he didn’t, but the parishioners of Resurrection Church decided the cardinal was wrong because it cost their church $1,000 for that flag out of their church donations. The flag was burned by the parishioners, Father Paul was there to say prayers. This infuriated Cupich who sent 2 enforcers, or priests under his direction to take Father Paul to St. Luke which is a place for mentally unstable priests. First, it would end his career and second, they would give him drugs that he does not need.
Father Paul went into hiding and his friends decided to do a GoFundMe page so he can hire a canon lawyer. Over a period of one week the GoFundMe page raised $16,000 and then decided to return the money because it violated its standards.
Here is where Jersey City gets involve, a Jewish group in Jersey City was asked to raise money for him. In 17 hours, they raised $40,000 and in two days $80,000. I guess the moral of the story – do not upset orthodox Catholics and Jews.

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