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Posted by brewster on 2018/10/5 12:13:42

SRhia wrote:
Hi all - anyone has feedback on High Tech High School in Secaucus? I heard that it's very competitive to get in. Would be interested in any feedback you may have.

Also, how does it compare to McNair? I know McNair is very academic focused and competitive as well.


I think you need to sit down with current or former students to really get a sense. Both are excellent schools, but beyond the obvious arts orientation of HT there are significant differences in how they're set up. Ex: there are no majors in McNair, but it's a significant part of how HT works. No sports at HT, poor arts and humanities clubs at McNair. See if you can get a copy of the McNair Student Handbook, it can tell you a lot.

Also, don't underestimate the travel time hit, that's a lot out of a kid's day, especially if they want an afterschool activity. Lastly, do look into County Prep. It's underrated but coming up fast in our HS ecosystem. One of my son's former LCCS classmates who didn't get into McNair or HT went there and got into Carnegie-Mellon as a physics major!

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