Re: Man died of brain injury after he's hit by van in Jersey City

Posted by jerseymom on 2018/9/9 10:24:57

LoKo498 wrote:
The sad thing is all this could of been avoided if the police chase these panhandlers away. They are all over 440 & the highway & the Communipaw Ave bridge.
They are all agressive pandhandling and everyone needs to call this in to JCPD 201 547 5477 to chase them away!

It goes back further than the panhandling.

Jersey City man charged with selling heroin to man with 46 prior arrests

If Mr. Bradford had been institutionalized for his mental illness/addiction - as his long arrest record perhaps indicates - he may have still been here.

We blow our horns about criminal justice reform, but we wear full blindfolds about the necessary reforms in the treatment of the mental illness that leads to criminality. As a society, we have to admit that closing long-term mental hospitals and prohibiting caregivers from committing family members who needed and refused help, was a mistake (well intended to fight the abuses, but a mistake nonetheless). We need more treatment facilities for addiction and we cannot let folks out after 30 days expecting them to be cured.

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