Re: Potential wild weather September 11 - 13th

Posted by MDM on 2018/9/5 7:40:15
The models have been schizophrenic over the past two days. They can't figure out if the storm is going out to sea or heading for the East coast.

The Euro and the GFS had the storm as of yesterday going out to sea. Only the Canadian had it coming to the East coast. This morning, everything is back hitting or coming very near the East coast.

All three models put the storm at a Cat 2 when it gets near land Thursday - Friday.

The Canadian is slow moving storm which will make a rough surf, surge, and some rain storm for us.

The GFS is like the Canadian, but puts the storm a little farther South.

The Euro has the storm actually coming a shore, which later will bring a hell of a lot of rain, after the storm tracks North.

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