Re: Hatfield and McCoy's on Astor Place!

Posted by dr_nick_riviera on 2018/8/7 16:07:55
"It’s unclear how relations between the four soured. The men told The Jersey Journal they initially sparred with Tinia Bland over the neighborhood association, saying she runs it without input from much of the community and elects herself president without holding elections. She denied this in an interview with The Jersey Journal. The men say the Blands are homophobic. Tinia Bland denied this too.

In 2012, both sides agree, Trickel asked for a plot in the neighborhood group’s community garden and Tinia Bland said no. In 2013, Trickel and Tinia Bland ran on opposing slates to be elected committee people for the local Democratic Party. He won, she lost. Someone close to Bland said the loss "absolutely" bugged her."

This is why these worthless groups need to be abolished. They are undemocratic organizations that disregard any input that conflicts with the agenda of its self appointed board members. They only serve to satisfy the ego of a few NIMBY homeowners and actively prevent neighborhoods from changing to meet the changing needs of their current residents, all the while having the chutzpah to claim they speak for every resident.

It makes total sense that these groups spawned from Yvonne.

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