Re: Blueberry picking around JC

Posted by deborah on 2018/7/26 10:03:46
For what it's worth.

My family went blueberry picking at one of the places listed - not important which one - 'pick your own' is 'pick your own.' It is a wonderful experience for children, and nice for adults too. Kids gain an understanding of the hard work that goes into being a farmer and harvesting crops - an invaluable lesson in my opinion.

However, the prices are almost 4x's what you will pay in Shoprite for the exact same quality. Why? Because you're paying for the farm's liability insurance, which is exhorbitant for any 'pick your own' farm open to the public.

'Pick your own' blueberries at the farm - 10 pints for $70
ShopRite blueberries - 6 pints for $24

My suggestion - go pick a pint for the experience and then go to ShopRite and buy as many as you like ... stock up ... freeze them ... and enjoy them throughout the year.

Also, they charge you for the boxes/containers to put them in ... so you may want to bring your own basket/box!

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