Public Transportation - Bayonne Pool -> downtown jersey city

Posted by SRhia on 2018/6/30 16:59:48
I need to go from the Bayonne Pool (at 155 16th Street in Bayonne) to downtown Jersey City, via public transportation. I've looked at Google Maps and did some research, and looks like the below are my best bets. I'm wondering if the locals can help confirm these methods - I'll be traveling with kids so I want to make sure my directions are correct:

- my best choice would be the 81 or 81x (during rush hour) bus, at Ave C at 16th Street all the way back to downtown (dropping us on Jersey Ave)

- I can also take the light rail but that would involve walking 15+ min to either 8th Str Light Rail or 22nd Light Rail. I know there's Bus 10 but I rather not wait for bus

- do I have other options with public transportation? I know there's also the 80 bus that can take me to JSQ for PATH - but I want to make it easy and use only one method of transportation

- anyone know how much it would cost to uber? Will need to be UberX since there's 3 of us

- does anyone know how much the 81 / 81x bus cost? Are they the same cost, or is the 81x more expensive? I actually have a tough time finding the fare info

Thanks in advance!

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