Re: PATH Trains Increase

Posted by hero69 on 2018/10/11 12:54:07

CatDog wrote:

Bike_Lane wrote:
The last round of cars worked out to, what, about $1.5M per car?
That was a decade ago. Since then, inflation, tariffs on many of the materials, and all of the gadgetry that make the cars operable with trackside PTC equipment have contributed to an increase in cost. Does all of that justify $1.3M increase in cost per car? Don't know.
Looked a bit into it and NYC MTA bought 1,700 cars at about $1.3 million each. PATH isn't going to get the same economies of scale.

The price of steel has gone up 263% since a decade ago. Subway cars weigh about 80,000 lbs, assuming that most of that weight is steel, the change in steel prices alone could be the main thing causing that price increase.
The Port Authority/PATH should be coordinating its purchases with the NYC MTA in order to get better pricing.

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