Re: Plastic bag bans coming to Hoboken, Jersey City

Posted by bodhipooh on 2018/6/8 11:40:57

MDM wrote:
So I guess in the near future, I will be buying boxes of small plastic trash bags. I re-use my shopping bags as trash liners and for other purposes.

Same here. I wonder if instead of a heavy handed approach like banning plastic bags, perhaps stores could be asked to enable customers to reuse, return, and/or recycle their plastic bags. At the Wegman's in Woodbridge, there is a large bin where people can drop off excess plastic bags and others can help themselves to them. It seems like a sensical approach that allows for plastic bags to get a second or third use. Lots of people use them as trash bags (much like yourself, or myself for that matter) and others use them as doggie bags.

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