Re: Gothamist: The PATH Is A Packed, Slow-Motion Nightmare For NJ Commuters This Morning

Posted by Toonces on 2018/6/13 14:52:05

bodhipooh wrote:

Toonces wrote:
My thinking exactly (assuming that's what they're really doing)!

Of course the conductor getting on the horn and telling everyone the delays are due to "train traffic ahead", which is not only laughable but obviously wrong, doesn't speak much to their ability to accurately tell us what's up.

Agreed in all counts, but considering that one of the goals of the PTC and CBT systems are to increase the frequency (while also decreasing spacing) of trains, rush hour is probably the best time to simulate real scenarios. Evening service is spread too far apart to be of any usefulness.

But, yes, the delays are super annoying. I think this is an instance where a temporary inconvenience in the name of future improvements might be worth it.

Yeah, I understand the need for, and hopeful future benefit of, the technology they say they're testing. But there's nothing stopping them from running tests with whatever frequency they want in the middle of the day or night - sure, the schedule says the train only comes every 10/20 minutes, but I don't think anyone would complain if it was more often during the "tests"! Are we to actually believe they didn't test the system while it was being installed (assuming it has been)?

I'm not one to short-sightedly complain, but they don't exactly have a history of giving out accurate, timely, or helpful information. Just this past Monday, they were saying it was because of "rail problems" in the WTC. At least that I could believe, given how the engineers have a tendency to step on the "gas" when they pull into the station (sending anyone in the last 2 cars flying, as they round the last turn).

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