Re: Gothamist: The PATH Is A Packed, Slow-Motion Nightmare For NJ Commuters This Morning

Posted by HeightsNative on 2018/6/13 11:52:37

bodhipooh wrote:

Toonces wrote:
The PATH seems to be getting worse and worse every day! Emails pointing to "delays" don't really help if they don't include a general estimate on how long the delays are lasting... This morning, my train from JSQ to the WTC was delayed by ~25 minutes - a ride that usually lasts 10-12 minutes was well over half an hour. Obviously they KNOW this, so it'd be nice to be warned ahead of time so we could at least try to plan to leave the house early and account for the extra time!

I am no PATH apologist, but the PA has been issuing alerts hourly (since early this morning) letting people know to expect delays because of ongoing testing of the PTC implementation/system.

Right, but MUST it be tested during rush hour? You have 20+ other hours in the day to do so.

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