Re: Gothamist: The PATH Is A Packed, Slow-Motion Nightmare For NJ Commuters This Morning

Posted by bodhipooh on 2018/6/9 11:38:00

SRhia wrote:
Is the PATH train for real? Every time I thought it couldn't get any worse - guess what? The PATH train manages to surprise me yet again!

Waited 40 min for a train this morning - finally gave up.

JC could be such a more pleasant place to live if the PATH trains would just be a little better.

I'm not asking much, just a little better, and more reliable, please!!!!!

According to PATHAlerts, all trains are operating with delays system-wide due to testing of the automated train control signaling system. Of course, this testing does not show up in the PATH Planner site ( And, complicating matters, the Hackensack River bridge is stuck, which has prompted suspension of service between NWK and JSQ.

In other words, if you were counting on PATH today, make alternate plans.

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