Re: Sweeney proposes slapping payroll tax on Jersey City businesses to fund schools

Posted by brewster on 2018/6/4 22:06:38

MDM wrote:
Yeah.. think I will stick with tomatoes and basil. I have to re-design the drainage system and improve the insulation. That is on hold due to new baby expenses followed by the fact the wife is tired of our "temporary" (for the past 14 years) kitchen.

LOL. When we built a stair to turn an upstairs unit into a bedroom floor, I left the kitchen there intact and moved ours up there, so I could reno ours and we wouldn't be kitchenless. I think about 1.5 years in she said she would move out if I didn't get it done by the end of year 2! When I first proposed this plan the big concern was a gate on the stairs for our newborn daughter. It was never an issue and she was in Kindergarten by the time we moved downstairs. Now it seems forever ago...

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