Re: Port Authority tests new security scanners at WTC PATH station

Posted by TheBigGuy on 2018/5/11 8:40:52
You are right about using them entry/exit gates. The PA is citing they are easy for passengers to just walk through... If those gates can easily manage the 125K daily traffic flow, adding scanners should be no problem.

The real point has been made... to harden the system, you would need them at every station and you would need PATH Police right there when they are triggered 7x24x365.

Hate to say it, but it seems to be overboard. I think the random checkpoint/searches are just as effective with high security/law enforcement presence. Also think the WTC/Oculus is a more high risk target.


srs7191 wrote:
Why would it take 200 units? Why not just integrate them into the ticket gates?

If the tech is good, let's replace the TSA with these machines.

The website claims 600 people per unit per hour, and no need to empty pockets. Would be nice to get comfort and speed at airport security.

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