Re: Port Authority tests new security scanners at WTC PATH station

Posted by bodhipooh on 2018/5/10 19:43:10

mpwJC wrote:

srs7191 wrote:
Why would it take 200 units? Why not just integrate them into the ticket gates?

If the tech is good, let's replace the TSA with these machines.

The website claims 600 people per unit per hour, and no need to empty pockets. Would be nice to get comfort and speed at airport security.
I'm not following the math for 200 units either. At peak rush hour from 5-6 pm on weekdays, a little over 14k people enter the WTC PATH station. At 600 people per unit per hour, that would mean 24 units would be required to manage that volume. I'm not at all in favor of this kind of "security" measure being installed in the PATH system, but the math doesn't add up.

Your math is correct, but its application is completely off. While 24 units could, in theory, process 14K people in hour, that presumes that one can control the manner in which those 14K subjects are fed into the system.

If each machine can process 600 people every hour, that means it could theoretically process 10 individuals every minute, or one every six seconds. The reality is that, during rush hour, the same space may be occupied by 4, 5, or even 6, different people in a six second period. People at WTC move along in a manner similar to ants, following the person ahead almost immediately behind them. There is likely something like a one or two second separation. As such, if you take the 24 number you derived, and multiply it by 6, you end up at 144. 200 is not overkill, as such a system would need to have some redundancy built into it.

In any case, I hate the idea on principle alone. I find it unnerving to see so many policemen, and military personnel, stationed at WTC and 33rd street, and I rue the fact that we have allowed a police state mentality to take over our daily lives. I have spoken with friends who have told me, in no uncertain terms, that they actually don't feel safe at a station if they don't see police or military personnel deployed on site. Not too long ago, we used to thumb our nose at pretty much every other country in the world because of their use of national ID cards, and here in this region people seem to clamor for more police, more military, more random inspections, more of the security theater nonsense we have come to accept as normal and necessary.

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