Re: Newark Avenue Pedestrian Plaza Expansion

Posted by bodhipooh on 2018/6/6 13:21:43

Yvonne wrote:
Firetrucks today are large, it is the reason residents cannot park 25 feet from the corner to allow firetrucks to pass. It is not just one responding, it is usually 3 or 4 plus other support team.

And? Is it that you think that three or four trucks drive side by side? The number of trucks is completely inconsequential as to whether or not they can gain access to a particular street. In the case of Newark Avenue, they can easily access either pedestrian section through the gated areas, just like other vehicles do today.

Instead of making yourself look sillier by continuing this thread, why not simply say "oh, I see, never mind"? There is, quite literally, no difference or change to the fire safety of Newark Avenue because of the pedestrian plazas.

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