Re: Newark Avenue Pedestrian Plaza Expansion

Posted by erstrecs on 2018/6/5 14:22:41

jcneighbor wrote:
P&K had about a year left on their 20-year lease. The new lease offer was over $20k/month and they'd told me they couldn't swing that months before the pedestrian plaza expansion. But multiple store owners have said that the pedestrian plaza has reduced their business. I've been here over 30 years and know enough of the longtime owners. They told me directly-

Odd, I just talked to the P&K people and they said they are definitely not planning on closing or moving, and actually they are looking to expand into an additional location. The pedestrian plaza and lack of parking is definitely hurting their business but they say they are not going anywhere. And I have also lived here for 30 years as of this fall. :)

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