Re: Newark Avenue Pedestrian Plaza Expansion

Posted by bodhipooh on 2018/5/30 8:43:56

Dolomiti wrote:

JCman24 wrote:

I_heart_JC wrote:

we are in P&K every other day. they're our go-to grocer. we will really feel their absence if they close.

Ugh, that would be super depressing. This is going to be one of those neighborhoods where regular stores that sell normal things that people need won't be able to exist. Food desert here we come!

La Conga is 1.5 blocks away from P&K.

Key Foods is 2.5 blocks away from P&K.

"Food desert?" Not so much.

This. So much drama... And, for the non stuck up crowd, there are two GIGANTIC food stores (ShopRite and BJs) not even 10 minutes away by foot. A downtowner crying about DTJC becoming a food desert is deliciously ridiculous.

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