Re: Group wants new highway leading to Jersey City Waterfront

Posted by JCvoter on 2018/4/11 13:42:37
I have been reliably informed that Noble Lester, a representative from the New Jersey Commuters Alliance, attended a recent Hamilton Park NA meeting. By all accounts he knew very little about the plan or Jersey City itself and when pressed as to who hired him he gave up two names.

KC Boyle and George Fontas. These are the two people responsible for the fake New Jersey Commuters Alliance campaign.

KC (Kevin) Boyle works for Hilltop Public Solutions a PR, Lobbying and political consulting firm.

"Digital strategy, from social media, to online advertising, to email fundraising and engagement, is critical for any campaign. We’ll help you build your list, activate and mobilize supporters and spread your message online."

"Hilltop provides clients a number of ways to mobilize grassroots using the latest digital and offline tools. Over time, lawmakers and voters alike have earned to tune out generic, cookie-cutter campaigns. That is why Hilltop has developed new ways to organize and breakthrough."

George Fontas has his own firm, Fontas Advisors.

"A boutique government affairs consultancy
Serving the next-generation needs of the companies and organizations operating in, and partnering with, New York City and State."

George is a registered lobbyist for LeFrak.

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Anybody seeking further information about this "shadowy" group could do worse than contacting either KC or George.

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