Re: JC golf course seeks to expand into Liberty State Park

Posted by Frinjc on 2018/1/25 19:15:52
To me, this looks like some sorts of domino things going around, and I wonder how much coordination (soon to be/ex Christie?) DEP officials did with Suntex and the golf course. You have:
1) suntex giving money in exchange for south and north marina building and restoration.
2) the golf course giving money in exchange for the nature reserve.
3) the state going for the entire development of the western side of LSP with fresh money.

It seems like screw the birds and the picnic visitors in exchange for the "completion" of LSP.

If we sell the nature reserve and develop the west side, there won't be any real nature reserve to talk about in addition to loss of important marsh land. I would be more inclined actually to negotiate with suntex on a minimal development of the southern marina (no parking take over, a sailing school) in exchange for some money for LSP western final remediation and development.

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