Re: JC golf course seeks to expand into Liberty State Park

Posted by stillinjc on 2018/1/25 13:13:56

T-Bird wrote:

stillinjc wrote:
I am a little torn over this. I was against marina and casino, but this peninsula is little used. Putting three holes there would make the course unreal. I say Fireman pays $25 million for LSP improvements on top of his current offer and we have a deal.

Unreal for whom? Do you belong to Liberty National? I'd be surprised if anyone posting on here does. Why should the park, its constituents, and wildlife subsidize private profit and overreach? Firestone has built a beautiful course and reaped very generous tax benefits in the process - the status quo is working just fine.

I'd love to hear him and Nevins McCann make the case for what tournaments they have lost out on because of the "inferior view" - if any - and where they were held instead. Peddling bullshit has no barriers to entry. Those who are willing to buy bullshit get what they deserve.

That is why I say he should pay $25 million on top of the current offer. I am wondering if people would be willing to listen then.

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