Re: JC golf course seeks to expand into Liberty State Park

Posted by T-Bird on 2018/1/24 13:44:28
1. That area isn't only "bird-friendly" habitat, it's an important breeding area for a number of bird species and because of that is closed off almost half the year for breeding season. These breeding grounds would be lost permanently if the golf course were allowed to expand into there. The park has already lost a significant number of breeding and/or overwintering birds such as Long-eared owls and olive-sided flycatchers due to removal of habitat. Invasive plants from the Sandy inundation has destroyed an even greater amount of habitat.

2. Nevins: that space already is beautiful and great for wildlife. "Pleasing to the eye" depends on whether you are wearing plaid pants and carrying a putter or wearing feathers.

3. This expansion doesn't need to happen to attract high-profile PGA events. It already does because it's essentially the only game in town. There are no other top flight courses that are Manhattan accessible and that (already) have views of the city and harbor. Bethpage, Baltusrol and the courses in Westchester are not situated to provide convenient access to the city, nor do viewers see the city when they watch events from those courses.

4. First Tee is a wonderful program. Mr. Firestone should definitely sponsor their expansion into Hudson County. It doesn't require converting the peninsula for him to do that.

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