Re: N.J. to turn 240 acres of Liberty State Park into wildlife oasis

Posted by brewster on 2018/1/13 12:54:26
Ralph, do you honestly believe the Baseball Mafia wouldn't squeal to high heaven if you tried to take away a DT field unless you offered at least 2 in return?

The HPNA was horrified when we were shown the renovation plans for Enos Jones many years ago. We asked why it was entirely for baseball and an NCAA size field at that, not even multi-use for soccer or other community sports. It was non-negotiable, the baseball powers had a lock.

Too often we've had rigid people like you get their way. VVP after it's renovation under Schundler had no playground. None. The "passive garden" advocates had gotten their way to the exclusion of other park users. After a public ruckus they finally relented and a play areas were added. Certain people advocated the same thing for HP but fortunately there were parents on the board who would not tolerate that nonsense. Some battles are eternal.

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