Re: N.J. to turn 240 acres of Liberty State Park into wildlife oasis

Posted by Dolomiti on 2018/1/12 15:50:25

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My point exactly. Build the marina a restaurant and maybe an amptheater on 10 acres and expand the park into the 240 acres that are unused now. Make the new marina pay for the expansion and the bulkhead. It could be a world class destination on a very underutilized waterfront.

This is simply a bait and switch tactic from Christie and his hacks to press the marina forward. The marina is already getting a discount on their bulkhead repair and they will never pay full value for anything related to their operation.

Wouldn't it be nice to issue an RFP solicit bids for marina proposal to see the real value of this project? This new wetlands proposal will be tied up in the court for years while the marina plows forward. .


What does the proposed wetlands have to do with the marina?

Who is going to sue to stop the remediation?

Is it a mere a coincidence that the same public agency sneakily pushing the marina plan suddenly dusts off a plan that was not feasible 10 years ago? Curious how big this settlement fund is...

Again... Huh?

Christie is about to get flushed. There is no indication that the restoration is in any way contingent on the marina construction. They can do one without affecting the other.

At best, it may be an 11th hour attempt to mollify critics -- "hey look, more parkland, pay no attention to that stuff on the south side!" If so, then it was completely ineptly done, and doesn't change the facts that a) these projects are independent and b) Murphy is about to take over.

Do you really think the DEP will let the renovation of marina 1 / bulkhead, the construction of marina 2 and this wetlands remediation project all go at the same time?

Yes... because there is no reason why they can't, or shouldn't.

You have more faith in the DEP than I do. Interesting the Wetlands project will go out to bid, but the new marina project doesn't.

I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's because Suntex already has a deal to operate the northern marina. I'm sure there were other backroom deals, I mean... this is NJ after all.

Oh, and the lack of putting the south marina out to bid may be a key component in getting it shot down in the courts.

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