Re: N.J. to turn 240 acres of Liberty State Park into wildlife oasis

Posted by brewster on 2018/1/12 14:22:54

Ralph_Abutts wrote:

I really don't follow your reasoning, do you? If you are going to exclude county parks, then why not state parks, too.
Why not propose building a sports stadium instead in LSP? You know every other big city in America has one, why not Jersey City.

As for 10k new homes, it's not like the parks are hidden or were removed after they will make their purchase. Those folks are choosing to live in an urban environment - a tradeoff for proximity (NYC) versus green space. Those who wish to play field/court sports have plenty of public city & county facilities in Jersey City to play - at nearly anytime/not wait in line. Don't take my word for it - surely there will be buyers for all 10k units and still no wait lists for the sports fields.

There is already more than sufficient supply for such. Ample supply/capacity in fact. Berry Lane Park, a big city park, is newly opened and will easily accommodate the additional the 10k.

What is not in close proximity is the type of green space contained in LSP. Outside of LSP, you need to travel far for the next closest state park. Adding more fence-less space for LSP is a Good Thing Indeed, especially for the state's **most visited** state park.

Ralph, you seem to be making choices based on one factor, liking the idea of some wildness in the city, rather than in a holistic way. I'm really only proposing using a small part, perhaps 1/10 of that acreage being discussed. Our city should have parks in every area sufficient for our citizens, not "buyer beware". And that attitude is at odds with your desire for the wild area.

Residents of DT might head to Berry Lane for a sports event, but not for casual park use. I'm not advocating FOR ball fields as much as I'm advocating that the precious small amount of DT parkspace NOT be used for ballfields! Creating alternate locations would do that. Your claim that there is already sufficient ballfields is proven false by the fact that these fields are currently DT and no one outside the approved organizations can use them. This is a misallocation of a scarce resource.

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