Re: N.J. to turn 240 acres of Liberty State Park into wildlife oasis

Posted by brewster on 2018/1/12 12:05:24

Ralph_Abutts wrote:
"LSP has 10x more open space fenced off from the public than there is city parks in all of JC." State your source of information; I doubt your original assertion is correct.

It seems there's only 2x as much as JC claims it has parkland, though I have no idea where these 189 claimed park acres are, most of our parks are tiny when you exclude state and County parks.

Here's a mine of info on parks ... City%20Park%20Facts_0.pdf

JC comes in nearly last in all categories when you exclude LSP. ... ark_dead_last_report.html

If we have such a wealth of ballfields then we can convert the ones DT to multi-use like HP right? There's over 10k new homes being built DT and no significant new parks planned. 4 acres in Liberty N and less than 2 acres up on Coles are all I know about. Not to mention that HP draws people from outside of DT.

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