Liberty State Park to begin accepting picnic table reservations Monday

Posted by user1111 on 2018/1/9 9:37:06
By The Jersey Journal
JERSEY CITY -- While a legal battle has erupted over a proposed marina plan, Liberty State Park is accepting applications to reserve picnic tables and pavilions for spring.

The applications -- there is a fee for the pavilion, but not for open air picnics -- will open Monday.

Advocates for the park have been fighting against a plan that would allow a Texas-based company to add a second marina that would stretch about a mile long on the southern end of the park. The marina would be privately operated and the proposed lease with the state would allow the company to open a restaurant.

Jersey City filed a lawsuit to halt the controversial plan, alleging the state illegally enter into agreement with the company that would operate the marina. A judge ordered a temporary hold and a hearing is scheduled for Jan. 16.

Some of the picnic spaces available for reservation are along the waterfront where the marina would be added. State officials say the plans would not affect any reservations this spring.

The applications can be found online.

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