Re: Booker T. Washington - No Heat Plagues Tenants - RIDICULOUS!

Posted by bodhipooh on 2018/1/10 15:34:33

hero69 wrote:
hahaha. just i still think double decker trains would be awesome. as i pointed out, i would be feasible...instead of traisn with 7' ceilings, you could have 2 levels with 6' ceilings but with much lower i think it's gonna happen? nO. do i think it's a good idea? yes.

once before i suggested articulated trains and people said it was not such a good idea...well, ny's mta is actively considering Quote:

bodhipooh wrote:

JCGuys wrote:
A city income tax is literally the worst idea I've ever read on JCList. Even worse than the guy who wanted the Port Authority to run double-decker PATH trains to increase capacity...

Ha ha ha! I remember that thread. Hero69 kept insisting that a PATH double decker train was a possibility even after explaining the impossibility of the idea given the (unchangeable) size of the PATH tunnels that run under the Hudson.

I guess you still refuse to accept the physical limitations that can not be changed: the PATH tunnels have a 15 ft clearance! How would you fit the train undercarriage, plus the bottom and top hardware of the train shell and still be able to have people be able to stand up inside the train?? I know you think that double deckers are cool, and it would be AWESOME if we could have those here, but the current tunnels can not be expanded, so there is NO WAY to fit a double decker in the current Hudson tubes. PERIOD. Anyone that tells you otherwise is full of it.

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