Re: Booker T. Washington - No Heat Plagues Tenants - RIDICULOUS!

Posted by hero69 on 2018/1/10 14:57:29
yikes hero, u'd better start using spell/grammar check. lolQuote:

hero69 wrote:
hahaha. just i still think double decker trains would be awesome. as i pointed out, i would be feasible...instead of traisn with 7' ceilings, you could have 2 levels with 6' ceilings but with much lower i think it's gonna happen? nO. do i think it's a good idea? yes.

once before i suggested articulated trains and people said it was not such a good idea...well, ny's mta is actively considering Quote:

bodhipooh wrote:

JCGuys wrote:
A city income tax is literally the worst idea I've ever read on JCList. Even worse than the guy who wanted the Port Authority to run double-decker PATH trains to increase capacity...

Ha ha ha! I remember that thread. Hero69 kept insisting that a PATH double decker train was a possibility even after explaining the impossibility of the idea given the (unchangeable) size of the PATH tunnels that run under the Hudson.

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