Re: Booker T. Washington - No Heat Plagues Tenants - RIDICULOUS!

Posted by Yvonne on 2018/1/10 12:21:07

JCGuys wrote:

Yvonne wrote:
No one should live in JC and not contribute to government especially if you vote, so I believe in a city income tax instead of property tax.

HAHAHAHAHA - the last thing Jersey City needs is a city income tax, like NYC.

And renters do pay property taxes indirectly. Where do you think landlords get the funds to pay property taxes on their rental properties, as well as other expenses? NJ's tax code recognizes this and offers a tax break for renters for implied property taxes paid, based on a function of the amount of rent paid.

A city income tax is literally the worst idea I've ever read on JCList. Even worse than the guy who wanted the Port Authority to run double-decker PATH trains to increase capacity...

Look, the tenants did not make the deal with the city, the politicians did, but the fact remains public housing in Jersey City pays zero to the city. NYC has a fair policy, everyone pays either through city sales taxes or income tax. You do not believe in fairness.

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