Re: Booker T. Washington - No Heat Plagues Tenants - RIDICULOUS!

Posted by JCGuys on 2018/1/10 10:57:04

hero69 wrote:

concentrating all the poor in one area just breeds more poverty imo

Agreed! That's why I get so frustrated when I here housing advocates and city officials push for anything greater than 50/50 mix use. They're concentrating poverty, which breeds more of it.

There is an article on yesterday about the mayor pushing Bayfront to have 50/50 mix of affordable and market rate units. ... e_housing_at_bayfron.html

Sounds good - but upper end of the development plans calls for 8,500 additional units. Is there really a developer out there that will undertake the construction of 4,250 affordable units? We'll soon see...

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