Re: Booker T. Washington - No Heat Plagues Tenants - RIDICULOUS!

Posted by bodhipooh on 2018/1/9 15:22:05

Yvonne wrote:
No one should live in JC and not contribute to government especially if you vote, so I believe in a city income tax instead of property tax.

Is this some sort of thinly veiled jab at renters in general? Renters contribute to city coffers indirectly through their rent payments, which undoubtedly include a portion that is levied to cover the property taxes being paid by the landlord.

As for the public housing matter, this particular thread is about a very specific point: the residents there are going without heat. Please refrain (if you can) from polluting this thread with your nonsense. Even if you don't agree with public housing or the principles behind it in JC, those points (valid or not) do not belong in this thread. People should not be forced to endure freezing temperatures without heat in their homes. This is a clear violation of legal and moral codes.

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