Re: Introducing SnoHub - The Uber of Snow Shoveling

Posted by jc_dweller on 2018/1/8 20:54:45

Sutherland wrote:
Shoveling the steps of a brownstone could be a lot of work. You typically can't shovel the snow off to the side of your house because that's you're neighbor's property. So you have to keep re-shoveling the same snow downwards. The sidewalk work tends to be a little easier since most of our properties aren't more than 18 feel wide. Digging the car out also tends to be rough because the plows dump, wet freezing snow around the cars making it harder to dig out.

jc_dweller wrote:
for all those people in JC with 100' driveways, this will be great.

Did you read the website?

Their minimum contract is for a 100' driveway. There isn't a "sidewalk and stoop" option.

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