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Posted by RichMauro on 2018/6/12 15:47:20

bodhipooh wrote:

RichMauro wrote:
It's really too bad that JC won't get the nod, but I really believe that the voracious appetite of the politicians in New Jersey would set off alarms with Bezo's search crew.
Well, at least we've got a hundred marijuana stores opening soon with a projected billion in taxes generating. That should help the financing of government somewhat.

I truly hope that last line was an attempt at sarcasm. New Jersey will not be seeing a windfall of billions due to legalized weed any time soon, or ever. The way things are playing out, it seems like NYS will beat NJ to legalization.

How do I know? I read it in the daily news (to quote an old tune): ... in_new_nj_medical_ma.html

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