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Posted by Yvonne on 2018/5/20 18:27:37

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There is a homeless problem in all urban areas because housing that traditionally went to the poor are being used by others. In the mid-1980s, the US population was 229 million, it is now 329 million, an increase of 100 million. This is due to legal and illegal immigration. Immigrants go to cities, the reason for the homeless people in many areas.

It's because of disgusting NIMBYs like Yvonne that cities can't build enough housing to make market rates affordable to lower-middle class families, regardless of population growth.

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High housing cost is primarily a zoning problem.

Facts are facts, I just reported the census, instead of name calling I suggest you look up the census record, but if you did that the air would blow out of your argument. You cannot stand to hear the truth. So check the census from the mid-1980s to now.

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