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Posted by TheBigGuy on 2018/5/17 7:46:26

srs7191 wrote:

TheBigGuy wrote:
Meanwhile back in Seattle.... ... s-tax-20180515-story.html

I can't believe all the people that want to help Newark at the expense of Seattle... pretty obvious what is going on and its Jeff Bezos shirking his social responsibilities.

Jeff shirking his social responsibilities?

Seattle caused this chronic homeless situation with strict zoning laws and restrictions that stop anything other than luxury housing from being built (sounds familiar).

They created the problem, now they're trying to send the bill to others. Wish I could do that.

Actually.... my post was sarcastic in nature. I was hoping to get some of the left wing / progressive / communists on the site to respond? In typical fashion, they remain silent, because when one of their own (Bezos/WaPo) is caught in an issue wear facts challenge left wing agenda / dogma.

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