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Posted by Pebble on 2018/5/15 15:28:08
Obviously, I’m rooting for Newark in all of this. The benefits are quite large to the community as a whole. Though, I am certainly wary of the downsides that could come with it.

Prudential built itself a new headquarters in Newark which left their old place abandoned. It’s possible Amazon would only have to do some touch-up work to modernize the internals and they’d be good to go...


Yvonne wrote:
I am surprised that Kearny was not considered, it has a large open spaces for development.

Unless you are referencing South Kearny, which has no mass transit, streets in terrible shape and no residential area, I’m unsure of what you are referencing.


Sutherland wrote:
I like Newark too, in fact I love Newark. I'm born and raised there. For a lot of reasons I think Newark, could be a good choice. But i don't think it's going to happen. My guess is going to be Atlanta. The airport is better and the cost of living a lot less than anywhere in the NYC tri state area. But I'll still keep my fingers crossed.


jc201jc wrote:
i like Newark - low cost of living, easily accessible to NYC and EWR, lots of good colleges in the area (Princeton/Stevens/Rutgers/NJIT, plus all the NYC schools).

Atlanta pulled itself out with its bigotry towards the trans community and their absurd stance with Delta.

With Amazon’s Audible residing in Newark already, I don’t know if that is a hindrance or a benefit. I'd like to think it is a benefit.

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