Re: Paintless Dent Repair recommendations?

Posted by brewster on 2017/9/6 18:18:35

bodhipooh wrote:
Often times, the damage is not even from the bumper to bumper contact, but rather from people with exposed screws on their plate mounts, or from aftermarket additions, hitch inserts and other things that protrude from the bumpers themselves

Yup, one of the worst parking damages I ever got was backing into a spot in the Caravan, and I couldn't see the raised plow bracket on the front of the pickup behind, it was below window level. Put a nice dent in the hatch, 2 inches higher and it would have taken out the back window. I think it's my destiny, the next Caravan was stopped at the light on Manila at 6th when a high asshole on a bike plows into the back leaving a big dent. For once it was easy to get a cop with the precinct a block away!

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