Re: Paintless Dent Repair recommendations?

Posted by bodhipooh on 2017/9/6 16:17:37

brewster wrote:
Painted bumpers are one of the stupidest idea ever, designed for suburbia where people never ever parallel park. I recall when rubber bumpers 1st came in they were black. Complaining about braille parking in a city with a super tight street supply is just stupid also. There will always be someone trying to squeeze into that tiny spot. Get over it.

Mostly agreed, and I was even going to mention that you have always advocated that bumpers were meant for exactly that and that painted bumpers are silly. Still, it *is* possible to parallel park in a decent way without bumping your way into place. Often times, the damage is not even from the bumper to bumper contact, but rather from people with exposed screws on their plate mounts, or from aftermarket additions, hitch inserts and other things that protrude from the bumpers themselves

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