Re: Hurricane Irma possible: Next Tuesday thru Thursday

Posted by MDM on 2017/9/10 14:14:54

boomer wrote:
Oh goodness, this is a Category 4 storm. Max substained winds are 130 mph, just because you see lower wind speeds on the internet doesn't mean that storm is falling apart.

I know this storm is being called a Cat 4, but I can't pull up a single weather station that shows sustained hurricane force winds.

Here are two marine weather buoys in the Keys (Key West and Vaca Key). Look at the history as the storm approaches. The sustained winds never go beyond tropical storm speeds. Both these weather stations took direct hits this A.M. The pressure did drop with what you see typically with a Cat 3 storm.

Even now, Irma hasn't moved too far north. These two stations should be getting blasted by hurricane force winds on the backside of the storm. They aren't.

The eye of Irma is now making a bee line for Naples Florida and has put Naples in a heavy storm band. Lots of rain (about 3 inches) but so far, the sustained winds are in the tropical storm range. 40 mph to 70 mph.

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