Re: Hurricane Irma possible: Next Tuesday thru Thursday

Posted by boomer on 2017/9/10 12:23:02
Oh goodness, this is a Category 4 storm. Max substained winds are 130 mph, just because you see lower wind speeds on the internet doesn't mean that storm is falling apart.

Instead of armchiar/browser speculation go read the latest advisory from the NHC -

I'm going to trust the experts who do this for living, many of whom are in the path of this storm. There is a forecasted surge of 10 to 15 feet from Cape Sable to Captiva Island. Irma is strong enough to suck/blow the water out of bays on the west coast, that water is coming back with a bunch more when the wind starts to come out of the west and the pressure increases.

There's plenty of hyping going on with the media coverage but make no mistake, this is NOT a "super hyped storm"


MDM wrote:
I just checked additional weather stations.. basically strong tropical storm / Cat - 1 sustained winds.

I am wondering if this is another Irene... super-hyped storm that suddenly falls apart as it approaches shore... turning into a major rain event rather than wind / storm surge.

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